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How do I get to the nearest metro station?

You can get to the nearest metro station – “Primorskaya” (“Приморская”) by bus No. 158. You can find the bus schedule on our website in the “Contacts” section. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes.
You can also drive or walk to “Primorskaya” metro station. The walk should take about 30 minutes.

Is there parking space on the territory of the Port?

On the territory of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg there are parking spaces for tour vehicles and paid parking is available for cars. You can find up-to-date information on the cost of this service in the section “Cost of services for the provision of transport infrastructure of Passenger port Saint Petersburg”..

I want to visit the Port. What are the security requirements?

In order to access the territory of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg you need to have a valid ID. 

Is it necessary to obtain a visa to enter Russian Federation?

Cruise passengers that arrive to Russia on a cruise ship and stay for less than 72 hours do not need to obtain a visa if they are residing aboard the ship. If a person is travelling independently or wants to spend over 72 hours in Russia, then it is necessary to obtain a visa.

Since 2009 foreign tourists that arrive to Russia on passenger ferries can stay in the country visa-free for up to 3 days. Members of a tourist group can stay in the country for 72 hours if they reside on the ferry or elsewhere according to the tour program. A ferry is considered to be a non-cruise ship, which is engaged in international voyages and carries cargo and/or passengers, including passengers participating in a tour program, and has a passenger transportation permit.

In order to disembark from a ship without a visa a foreign citizen must have an ID and be in the lists of the tour group. A member of a tour group that does not have a visa can only visit places indicated in the tour program.

Is the infrastructure of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg equipped for limited mobility people?

Yes, the infrastructure of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg is equipped to ensure comfort of limited mobility people. You can find more details in the “Infrastructure” section.

Where can I see the ship call schedule of the Port?

The full schedule of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg for the current year and for the previous ones is available in the “Schedule” section of the website.

Where can I travel to from Passenger port of Saint Petersburg?

The ships that come to Passenger port of Saint Petersburg travel mainly in the region of Baltic and Northern Seas. There are possibilities to embark on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea or to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Some cruise ships come to Passenger port of Saint Petersburg during their world cruises. 

Can I take pictures at the Port?

In the public (waiting) areas of the Marine Terminals making personal photos or videos is allowed. However, please be informed that in the passport and customs control areas photo and video shooting is not permitted.

Can I leave a message on the website?

To leave us a message you can use the “Feedback” link. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

  • On June 08th 2017 a new record was set: the Port has received 17 911 passengers in one day.

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