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Advertising and Activities in the Port

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Advertising constructions 2668 * 835 mm. in lobbies of the Passenger Port
Halls of the Terminals
Transport infrastructure of the Passenger Port

Advertising opportunities in Passenger port of St. Petersburg (.pdf)

The Events:

Corporate Events
The facilities of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg are suitable for hosting different kinds of events. Territory and premises of the Port can be used for business meetings, conferences, corporate and other events, with such additional features as the helicopter landing pad, special parking areas for buses, minibuses and cars, conference halls equipped for presentations.

Every year the port hosts the “Nautical Mile” sports festival and meetings of the Club of the Famous Champions.
Passenger port regularly hosts test-drives of the leading car brands: Lexus, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Cadillac and many others. The territory of the port is suitable for creating special tracks and off-road challenges.
Passenger port of Saint Petersburg regularly serves as the set for well-known Russian movies. In 2014 scenes of the movie “Under Electric Clouds” of Alexey Gherman-Junior, which later won the award of the Berlin International Film Festival, were filmed at the port.
  • On June 08th 2017 a new record was set: the Port has received 17 911 passengers in one day.

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