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For detailed information please contact the Commercial Department:

+7 (812) 499-09-87
Comfortable and spacious customs areas
Souvenir shops
Marine Terminals are open 24 hours for passengers. Each Terminal has everything for the comfort of tourists during their time at the port: shops, cafes, ATMs, information booths, and many other amenities.

During the cruise season classic music of famous Russian composers sounds in the arrival halls. If you wish to leave a comment on how to improve our port, please contact us at +7 (812) 499-09-88 or
Souvenir shops can be found in all Terminals and are open from early morning till late night. Here tourists can purchase traditional Russian souvenirs, such as matryoshka dolls, painted dishes, copies of Faberge works, Russian traditional craft works, and more. All salespeople speak foreign languages very well and will help you make the best choice.
Vending machines
On the second floor of the Terminal 3 there is a cozy cafe where you can try traditional Russian cuisine and have a cup of tea or coffee. While enjoying a snack or a soft drink in one of the cafes of Terminals 1, 2 or 4 visitors can use internet access, also from a desktop computer.
In the Terminal buildings and in bus parking areas you can find vending machines where soft drinks, snacks, tea and coffee are always available.
ATMs with currency exchange function
Taxi booths are located on the first floor of each Terminal. You can have the price and make a payment in cash or with a bank card before the trip. A taxi can get you to any point in the city, including the closer suburbs of St. Petersburg. Your car will be ready in no more than ten minutes after you have made your order.

Since vehicles of all taxi companies have free access to the territory of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg you can call any city taxi.

In order to improve the quality of passenger services “Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg “Marine Fa?ade” PLC invites interested companies to consider renting space inside the terminal buildings for taxi booths and setting up taxi services. For more information please contact the Commercial Department: +7 (812) 499-09-87
Using ATMs in each Terminal passengers can both withdraw cash and exchange Euros or US dollars to Russian rubles.

Instructions on using the ATMs and on what to do in case and ATMs holds your card are placed near the ATMs. In case of any problems please use the phones of 24-hour information service of the bank operating the ATM and of the Port employees that are indicated on the ATM.

If necessary you can ask a Terminal operator for help – they are easy to spot by their white vests.
Duty-free shops
Information desks
Duty Free shops are located on the berths by the exits from the Terminals 1, 2 and 4,berth 6 and on the first floor in the berth zone of Terminal 3. In the shops you can purchase traditional Russian souvenirs, delicacies and beverages, as well as spirits from the best Russian and international manufacturers.
Marked with the “i” sign, info booths are located on the first floors of all the Terminals. A Terminal Operator is in the booth 24 hours, he is easy to spot by his white vest.

If you have a question or need assistance, please ask an Operator or any other employee of the port – we will do everything we can to help you. Inside Terminal 3 there is an electronic info stand equipped with a phone for 24 hour communication with the Port Manager.
Post offices
Information center
A post office of the Russian Post is located on the first floor of the Terminal 3, and Terminals 2 and 4 official postboxes of the Russian Post are installed. In the post office you can buy postcards with the views of Russia and St. Petersburg and send them to your friends anywhere in the world. Also, in the post office you can buy periodicals and souvenirs.
Inside the Terminal 1 there is an information center of the City Tourist Information Bureau, which aims to create a comfortable informational environment for guests and residents of the city.

The Bureau staff speaks foreign languages and is always ready to answer your question about ongoing events in the city, suggest interesting tourist routes and tours, advise you on the opening hours of museums and other establishments, as well as to provide help in case of emergencies.
  • On June 08th 2017 a new record was set: the Port has received 17 911 passengers in one day.

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