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The Cruise Europe conference will be held in St. Petersburg in 2018

25 April 2017

Today, on 25th of April 2017, within the framework of the international conference Cruise Europe in Bremen (Germany), it was identified according to the votes of the Association members that St. Petersburg is the next city to hold Cruise Europe conference in 2018.

Bruges (Belgium) and Bergen (Norway) were other competitors to hold the conference next year, but the sea capital of Russia was chosen as the winner with a clear advantage. 

"PP SPb MF" PLC is a member of the Cruise Europe association since 2012. The conference held by the association is one of the most important annual events for the members of the cruise industry and association partners. It is an international platform to discuss topical issues of the cruise industry. The date for 2018 Cruise Europe Conference is 24th – 26th of April.

Tomorrow the conference will be attended by representatives of all leading cruise companies, as well as sea ports representatives. Within the framework of the programme the strategy of regional cruise tourism development in Europe, major investment projects for cruise terminals construction and international regulatory documents in the field of cruise shipping will be discussed.
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