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Week 19 of 2017 – results (08.05.2017-14.05.2017)

15 May 2017

From 8th to 14th of May Passenger port of St. Petersburg has received 9 cruise ships which brought 17 516 passengers. The total berth time of the ships is 16 ship-days, total amount of passenger operations – 41 636.

Services provided to ships:

Fresh water bunkering – 3048 m3
Garbage collection – 40 m3
Waste-waters reception – 691 m3

In the indicated period 1 helicopter has used the helipad of Passenger port of Saint Petersburg for landing and take-off.

On May 8th representatives of Passenger port of St. Petersburg took part in wreath laying ceremony at Smolensky Cemetery in connection with the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory, where they honored the memory and placed wreath at the memorial to soldiers and children killed during the War and the Siege.

Maximum number of vessels at the Passenger Port of St. Petersburg this week - 3 vessels on May 9th, 10th and 13th.

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