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Rowing festival “Sea Mile 2018”

22 September 2018

September 22, 2018  witnessed water-based sports festival on the Smolenka embankment, with support from Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg. More than 300 persons from several cities of Russia took part in the festival. Apart from Saint Petersburg, there were participants from Tver, Pskov, Voronezh, Moscow, Murmansk and fro Minsk as well.


Final results of the competition:

Category DRAGON Mix 10:
Strela Grebnoy, Saint Petersburg
Racing Dragon Club, Voronezh
Nord-Avto, Tver

Category DRAGONS Young ladies 10:
Lady Dragon Style, Voronezh
Tvaronezh, combined team of Tver and Voronezh
Dragon, Pskov

Category SUP SLALOM male:
Vasilyev Aleksei, s. Losevo
Sadiev Asim, Saint Petersburg
Ignatov Yevgeny, Voronezh

Category SUP SLALOM young ladies:
Valiyeva Elena, s. Losevo
Savina Galina, Voronezh
Orlova Marina, Saint Petersburg

Category WALKRAFT male:
Vasilyev Aleksei, s. Losevo
Sadovky Fyodor, Saint Petersburg
Terekhin Mikhail, Saint Petersburg

Category WALKRAFT young ladies:
Kostyleva Nadezhda, Saint Petersburg
Orlova Marina, Saint Petersburg
Bul Polina, Saint Petersburg

Category KAYAK PAIRS male:
Leonov Kirill & Smirnov Dmitry, Saint Petersburg
Kostenkov Aleksei & Lvov Sergei, Saint Petersburg
Gogolev Aleksandr & Semerka Nikita, Saint Petersburg

Category KAYAK PAIRS Mix:
Savina Galina & Ryakhov Anton, Voronezh
Vasilyev Aleksei & Vasilyeva Elena, s. Losevo
Oksana Komarova & Kuritsyn Roman, Saint Petersburg

Category SUP DRAGON:
Barmaley team, Voronezh
ARS team, Saint Petersburg
Strela team, Saint Petersburg

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