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MSC Fantasia has made its maiden call to Passenger port of Saint Petersburg

04 May 2017

Today, on 4th of May, cruise ship MSC Fantasia operated by MSC Cruises has made its maiden call to Passenger port of Saint Petersburg. MSC Cruises was established in 1987 and now operates 14 cruise vessels.

MSC Fantasia, the first vessel in its class, was built in 2008.  It has 18 decks, 1637 cabins, 333 m length and capacity of carrying 4363 passengers on board. The crew is more than 1300 persons.

This cruise ship that sails under the Panamanian Republic flag has left Port of Kiel (Germany) on April 29th 2017 and has already called ports of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tallinn. After St. Petersburg it will come back to port of departure on May 6th.

During the 2017 cruise season MSC Fantasia will make 11 calls to Passenger port of Saint Petersburg.

It is worth noting that MSC Fantasia is the largest cruise ship that has ever visited the Port.
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