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Press conference "The Passenger port of St. Petersburg Begins Cruise season 2017" was held in TASS

20 April 2017

Today, on 20th of April, a conference on the upcoming 2017 cruise season and on Passenger port of St. Petersburg development prospects was held at the press-centre of TASS News Agency.

Commercial Director of “Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg “Marine Façade” PLC Alexey Panfilov highlighted main lines of development for Passenger port of St. Petersburg and the main expectations for the season 2017.  He also informed about the expected substantial increase of cruise vessels calls (243 ships) in 2017 with more than 540 thousand passengers onboard (19% increase) which is the record number within the history of the Port.
The representative of “Passenger port of Saint Petersburg “Marine Façade” PLC noted that during the preparation for the cruise season all necessary engineering works have been completed to ensure safe and comfortable service for ships and passengers. The infrastructure of the Passenger port meets the highest international standards, as well as the requirements of the Russian legislation in the field of transport security and the Port is completely ready for the beginning of 2017 cruise season.
The Deputy Chair of the St. Petersburg Committee of Tourism Development Andrey Mushkarev has noted the positive dynamics of the tourist flow growth, as well as the active development of marine tourism in St. Petersburg and the special impact of the Passenger port of St. Petersburg, whose infrastructure capabilities allow to welcome the most modern cruise ships.
According to Mr. Mushkarev, one of the main joint tasks of the City Government and the Port is full year-round capacity of the Passenger port of St. Petersburg. Mr. Mushkarev also did not exclude the possibility of a new shipping company appearing in the Baltic region.
Head of SpbGKU “External Transport Agency” Alexandra Bahmutskaya reported on the peculiarities of the cruise season in St. Petersburg, taking into account large city events.
Ms. Bakhmutskaya also noted that the further development of Passenger port of St. Petersburg infrastructure, who had given its considerable potential for welcoming more ships, is relevant, including the possible transfer of cargo-passenger ferry vessels from the Maritime Terminal to the Passenger port of St. Petersburg after the completion of works on the crossing point next year, taking into account the plans for the reconstruction of the Maritime Terminal.
According to the project, the estimated carrying capacity of the Port is more than 2 million passengers per year, but at present this potential is used only by a quarter.
Representatives of the leading media of St. Petersburg had a chance to receive information to their relevant and interesting questions.
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